Jimmy Buffett Lyrics

This song is for all the people thatís been reviewing our records and say we sound a lot like Jimmy Buffet because we live in Key West and use Congo drums in our songs. For all those people that live in Key West and are under the misconception that Mr. Buffet live in Key West and weíd like to say thereís a lot of things in Key West, as a matter of fact, thereís
Thereís sailboats and conk shells and palm trees galore, But Jimmy Buffet doesnít live in Key West anymore, Sister spare change has a bumper sticker on the door, Says Jimmy Buffet doesnít live here any more, Hey smugglers need those Buffet songs, snitching on the sly, Bringing heat where itís already to damn hot to die, Son of a son of bitch, whatís all that bullshit for, Jimmy Buffet doesnítí live in Key West anymore, Sailing to the Caribbean Jimmy might well be, Pictures up in Rolliní Stone for all the world to see, The rich keep getting richer, the poor they just stay poor, Jimmy buffet doesnítí live in Key West anymore, Now Jimmyís moved to Malibu with all those other stars, Heís not down at in Duval Street hanging out in bars, All them God damned tourist, got to be a bore., Jimmy Buffet doesnít live here any more, So donít tell me I sound like Jimmy Buffet, Just because I got that island beat, Jimmy might have grown up on the ocean, Me, I kind of grown up on the street, Musicís just a way of life, me Iím living free, Donít lay all that Key West Jimmy Buffet shit on me, Now Divers Do It Deeper must have really made them mad, Some of them reviewers said it really sounded bad, Well they liked Margaretville, me I liked it too, Someday Jimmy, why donít we just both get drunk and screw, Oh those creepy Mother Fuckers that think music is a whore, Tell that you just donít live in Key West anymore

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